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Why to choose crascent

A good design should facilitate users to get the maximum from the website; the website should not be there for its own sake.

What Makes Us Different

Our company is optimally sized which gives us the unique opportunity to focus on UX/UI design and client relationships. In order to provide undivided attention to our clients, our designers and developers work directly with you. This translates into a fluid user experience that leads to customer delight. We are here to provide both design and consulting services at your convenience.

Love Solving Problems

Our experiences have led us to understand issues with usability, interface and design. We consider user background, expectations as well as the technology utilized. We pay close attention to user needs and questions. This allows us to design workflows and develop frameworks that suit your design needs.

We're a Results-Driven Agency

End user design process is based on our philosophy. Our philosophy incorporates attention to design, solve user experience issues, One of our goals is to provide results that are tangible.

Diverse Experience

We are successful in: Health, Finance, IT, Real Estate, eLearning, Education Science, Energy Management, Cosmetics and Fashion, Social Portals and Intranets.

A Top UX & UI Design Agency

User Experience Designers
  • We have delivered innovative user experiences as a digital partner to some of the world’s leading brands.

Usability Consultants
  • User-Centered Design (UCD) methodology involves the user as a stakeholder throughout the creation process, making certain that your online products are both usable and useful.

User Interface Designers
  • Driven by our passion for compelling and usable designs, we specialize in user interfaces for desktop, mobile and tablets across a wide range of markets.

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